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Changes of display modes in Runescape
In order to support upcoming improvements to Runeccape and its UI, Jagex has removed the Software Display mode. Its no longer possible to select Software display mode in your Runescape graphics settings. Jagex has removed support for this mode in preparation for future updates to the Runescape UI an...
Publish Time:04/02/2013
Hints for unlocking music in Runescape
You will come across a large amount of music while traveling in Dungeon. An easy to unlock the tracks of one sort is to enter a room first, then leave the room, and then re-enter as a randomly selected track is always played. Dungioneering music is always usually upbeat and gives a better sense to t...
Publish Time:04/02/2013
Welcome to old school runescape
After running for two straight weeks, the Old School Runescape poll closed, finishing with 449,351 supporting votes in total. In the poll run during February 2013, Runescape members voted for the old version of the Runescape 2007. If you’re a huge fan of runescape 2007, you’ll have access as long as...
Publish Time:04/02/2013
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