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Enjoy RS Easter Event 2020 Grand Theft Cocoa!
RS Easter event 2020 has been released in game with the title of Grand Theft Cocoa. Get ready to help Easter Bunny retrieve his eggs from pesky imps. In return, you will be able to obtain Easter-themed cosmetics or mystery boxes. When will you join in RS Easter event 2020?Jagex has announced that R...
Publish Time:04/09/2020
New Account Restrictions&Merch Store Update
According to the recent official news post,the develop team have applied some restrictions to prevent certain F2P accounts from trading items to other players,and the Merch Store has been updated.Here you could learn the detailed information.New Account RestrictionsWhile the Support team works hard...
Publish Time:04/03/2020
Learn Changes with OSRS update Mar. 26th
According to the lastest official post,this week sees the release of some of the small game improvements from Poll #70.Here you could read the information for the details. Changes with OSRS update this week1.The length of Sarachnis’s respawn timer has been reduced from 30 to 10 seconds. 2.The cryst...
Publish Time:03/27/2020
Get RS Master Crafting Patches & More in Master Crafting Event
The Crafting Guild are celebrating their recent renovations by welcoming all players, regardless of level, through their doors for a two-week long Crafting Bonanza! The event is live now and is set to run until March 23.Join RS Master Crafting event through Mar 23 RS3 Master Crafting is a new event ...
Publish Time:03/11/2020
Requirements&Rewards of OSRS Fremennik Exiles
The new Master Old School quest The Fremennik Exiles has been released in game as the latest instalment in the Fremennik series. Here you could learn the requirements and rewards of OSRS Fremennik Exiles.Requirements of OSRS Fremennik ExilesTo begin the quest, speak to Brundt the Chieftain in Rell...
Publish Time:09/27/2019
Introducing: Old School RuneScape Leagues
The latest Old School RS blog reveals a brand new game mode – OSRS Leagues. In Leagues there will be five distinct choices, hundreds of tasks, and one ultimate goal. Here you could read the information to learn the details.Information on Old School RuneScape LeaguesFrom the latest official news post...
Publish Time:09/19/2019
RS Player Owned Farm - Nerf Update
According to the latest official news post, the RS develop team has made some new plans to nerf the player owned farm. Read the information below to learn their plans with detailed changes to player owned farms.XP earned from player owned farm reducedBased on the complaint that there’s too much XP...
Publish Time:09/12/2019
RuneFest 2019 Schedule!
The long-awaited RuneFest 2019 will come with some contents in October. The latest official news post has revealed the detailed schedule for RuneFest 2019, including The Golden Gnome Awards 2019, the Main Stage and the Panel Stage.Friday Night: The Golden Gnome AwardsOn Friday, October 4th, the hall...
Publish Time:09/05/2019
Learn OSRS Fremennik Exiles Quest Requirements,Rewards&More
The latest official blog posts the detailed information on the upcoming quest The Fremennik Exiles . Here you could learn the quest requirements, rewards and others you want to know.OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest requirementsThe Fremennik Exiles is a Master level quest, and the next instalment in the ...
Publish Time:08/29/2019
RS Clan Cup 2019 -Big Game Hunter
The new RS Clan Cup Big Game Hunter has started on Anachronia island. If you have interests, here you can learn the detailed information!Join in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 starts on Monday August 19th and will last for a week.Each player will have three one hour attempts to skin ...
Publish Time:08/22/2019

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